Sunday, June 26, 2011

Post Mortem Portrait Archive: Part Seven

More From My Post-Mortem Portrait Archive: Part Seven

Here are a few more images from my Post-Mortem Portrait collection. Click on any to enlarge.

This tradition and urge to photograph the dead is not gone. Even though everybody now has easy access through personal digital cameras and cellphones, some still prefer the services of a skilled professional photographer. Today there is a website which features contemporary professional post-mortem portrait services made available to parents who have lost a child:  Now I Lay Me Down To SleepNow I Lay Me Down to Sleep specializes in infant bereavement photography. Co-founded in 2005 by Cheryl Haggard, whose fourth child died just six days after his birth, and photographer Sandy Puc, the group connects a network of professional photographers, who provide their services free of charge, with parents grieving the loss of a new child.

Please note that I retain the copyright for the above photographs and all others from my collection that are featured in this blog. Please do not duplicate or publish without prior written consent. Previous postings on Dark Dissolution that included other images from my Post-Mortem Portrait Archive are: "Post Mortem Portrait Archive, Part Six",  "More Scans....", "Morbid Anatomy", "Sleeping Beauties", "Putting the Fun back....", and "Wisconsin Death Trip".

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